May 18, 2016

logo_TESTIMONIAL (1)Your name : L. Myers

Age : 63


How long before you contacted me? 2 months

What did you try before contacting me?Regular medical doctors

How was your health situation then?I had severe arthritis; difficulty getting out of bed, pain in left hip; frequent urination at night; body pain in shoulders; difficulty Staying asleep at night

How did you hear about me? A friend from my daughter’s school.
What happened after the consultation? After the consultation Fouad designed a holistic program for me to follow for 10 days. He followed up in 10 days discussed my progress and updated the program. If I’m not mistaken I was on the program for 4 months.
How long did it take you to feel better?Within three weeks my arthritis has significantly decreased; the pain in my legs and feet were gone; my upper body pain was diminished drastically; the hip pain took a little longer I think about 1 1/2 months to 2 months.

How much time now since you’ve been healthy?At least 3yrs

Would you recommend others to my services?Oh yes, most definitely. Fouad I would recommend you to anyone.  You are truly an great person and Holistic healer. I’ve been following your program and the way I feel now versus last year is a total turn around.