May 18, 2016

logo_TESTIMONIAL (1)My name is Bassem A. I was referred to Holistic aid by one relative, whom has been helped by Holistisaid , my main problem was losing weight and other things.

I had never checked my blood sugar, once in a while I used to check my blood pressure , when I contacted Holistic aid , Elhachimi discussed his program with me and he told me we will start a 15 day trial period and we will take it from there.

The first thing he asked me was to check my blood sugar and my blood pressure, 120/80 and 220 for my blood sugar, maybe because of the carrot cake I had eating for three days prior to start the program I don’t know, anyway, Fouad gave me the program to follow along some vitamins to take, after 10 days my blood sugar dropped to 110 after 2 hours of a meal and was below 90 at fasting.

I follow the program as I was supposed to; I lost 50 lb. in about 5 months and lost an additional 60 lb in about another 6 months.

I was asked to walk about 30 min daily, however I was feeling so good I couldn’t stop walking, I started with 30min in the morning to end up with 15miles on Sunday and 7 miles every morning and 45 min every evening.

I have been off the program for about a year and three months, true I had gained back a few pounds, however I still follow Fouad advice and suggestion.

I had never felt better before I followed Fouad program, it was really the best program I had ever followed, I had tried a program on my own, I was starving myself, torturing myself with exercise and food deprivation , with Fouad program I guarantee everyone to feel better in less than 10 days.

In my book, Fouad is my HERO

I will go back to him, and I do recommend people to him, because I do believe in his programs and his ways of looking at health issues.