May 18, 2016

UntitledYour name : Anna Stamou

Age : 42

Diagnosis: Diabetes II that turned to Diabetes I

How long before you contacted me: I discovered my diabetes on September 2008 after acquiring a blur vision. I must ofhad it 4 months already, not before. I contacted Fouad after five years of mainstream diabetes treatment.

What did you try before contacting me?Everything that the hospital doctors advised me to do. Actually I was always a very obedient patient.

How was your health situation then? Although I was taking all new medication from “Diabetes Experts” my health was deteriorating constantly.

How did you hear about me? From a dear friend who thanks to Fouad he got his life back and he is healthier than ever. He was in critical condition and since he was totally healed from all his health issues (including diabetes among others) he considered his duty to suggest Fouad.

What happened after the consultation? It took me some months to out myself into the “determination mode” and I called Fouad after five months. But I knew from the first consultation that I am in good hands.

How long did it take you to feel better?I felt better from the first ten days already since my sugar levels dropped immediately since we corrected the diet from day one.

How much time now since you’ve been healthy?Although I have not got rid of my diabetes due to the fact that I was severely Insulin addicted and have a very demanding life, I am healthy and strong, looking better and younger, no one can ever imagine that I suffer from a chronic disease. Not for long though J

Would you recommend others to my services?I already have and I will not stop. I recommend Fouad to the most severe cases and I am considering myself very lucky to find him on my way, otherwise I would be in a very bad situation right now. Words cannot describe how I feel.

Thank you Fouad!