May 18, 2016

logo_TESTIMONIAL (1)Your name : Hadia Mubarak

Age (optional):

Diagnosis: Chronic sinusitis and allergies

How long before you contacted me: A few years

What did you try before contacting me? Conventional medicine, naturopathic and holistic medicine

How was your health situation then? Developed chronic sinus infections; took allergy shots and anti-histamine for allergies.

How did you hear about me? Friends and family

What happened after the consultation?

The nutrition program given to me by Fouad has been one of the most effective methods for healing my allergies and chronic sinusitis. He began with changing my diet, although I ate very healthily before. The problem was that I didn’t realize that I wasn’t eating the “right” stuff my body needed.

What makes Fouad’s nutrition program successful, in my opinion, is his focus on what to eat, not on what not to eat. He gave me a very clear, thorough menu that I was to follow for two weeks, which clearly indicated what I should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, he gave me certain supplements to take after ever meal for my specific condition. Within just two weeks, I felt like all my allergy symptoms had completely disappeared. It also helped me overcome my chocolate and sugar cravings in amazing ways. As he promised, after a few weeks of strictly following his program, one’s body no longer craves those foods that are bad for it.

Would you recommend others to my services?

I would highly recommend Dr. Fouad’s services to others. I never realized the extent to which what we put in our bodies affect our symptoms. It’s not just a matter of “eating healthy.” If you’re suffering from any symptoms, then one needs to go beyond just eating healthy and have a specialized diet that will target and eliminate one’s specific symptoms. I don’t know anyone more qualified than Fouad to help you achieve this goal.