May 14, 2016


Name:  Jackie P.

Age : 33

Diagnosis:  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), anovulation

How long before you contacted me: Almost one year after diagnosis

What did you try before contacting me? Before working with Fouad, I was prescribed Clomid by my OBGYN and took the drug for more than six months with no ovulation.  My OBGYN referred me to a fertility specialist (endocrinologist) to treat the infertility.  I continued Clomid for another 5 months and also took Metformin (a diabetes medication) prescribed by my doctor for the infertility.  My husband and I tried 3 rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI), none of which resulted in pregnancy and one of which resulted in hyper-stimulated follicles.

How was your health situation then? My health physically and emotionally during this time was definitely not optimal.  I gained nearly 12 lbs. despite following a diet that I believed to be “healthy” and exercising 6 days a week.  I frequently suffered from constipation, bloating, poor sleep, and stress and anxiety.  I had 3 urinary tract infections within a year and a half time.  I was unable to ovulate and my cycles were irregular, sometimes as long as 50+ days apart.

How did you hear about me? I was referred to a Fouad by a friend who has been consulting with him and experienced many positive health changes.  I had gotten to the point where I no longer wanted to take the medications or undergo another round of IUI.  My doctor recommended in vitro fertilization (IVF).  I was emotionally worn out and my body needed a break from the medications.  I decided to call Fouad to try a holistic and natural approach for at least six months while my husband and I considered whether we wanted to try IVF.

What happened after the consultation? In our initial consultation Fouad asked a lot of questions — more questions than I had ever been asked by any of my doctors.  I stopped taking Clomid and Metformin in July.  Fouad advised I monitor my blood sugar and explained to me how to do it at home.  To my surprise, my blood glucose readings indicated I had NO issue producing insulin or needed to use Metformin.  I made some immediate changes based on Fouad’s consultation:  cutting out caffeine, gluten, soy, and dairy.  It was a strict elimination diet but I stuck to it, figuring I owed it to myself to give it a try.

How long did it take you to feel better? I began consulting with Fouad in late July/early August 2015.  Within a week I noticed significant changes in digestion and less bloating. My energy level was high despite giving up coffee (which had been a daily habit.)  I suffer from seasonal allergies almost year-round and took Zyrtec every day for 7 months of the year.  However, within a few weeks, I no longer needed to take medication and was not suffering from allergies.  I have not taken Zyrtec in more than 8 months.  Within about a month I lost a little more than 6 lbs. just from a change in diet.  The best news was I learned I was pregnant in early October 2015.  My husband and I are expecting a baby boy in June 2016 and I have had a completely healthy pregnancy.

How much time now since you’ve been healthy? I would say I’ve been healthy for almost a year.  I am looking forward to the rest of my pregnancy being healthy and having a healthy baby.  I am also looking forward to having a healthy postpartum period as a new mom.

Would you recommend others to my services? Yes, absolutely.  It may be a difficult adjustment at first depending on the nature of your health issue(s).  However, you only get one body in this life and you owe it to yourself to give a holistic approach a try.