May 14, 2016

Name : Hayrullah & Mehmeti

Age :40

Diagnosis: My diagnosed medical conditions first started in 2002 with severe Acid Reflux and was shortly diagnosed with Dysphagia and GERD with a lower esophageal sphincter that was weak, damaged and non-repairable.  I was put on various strong medications for that which I took for the next 10 years, the last of which was Nexium 40mg twice a day and Reglan (Metoclopramide) 4 times a day.  In 2004 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and Hypertension.  I was put on medications of Glucophage, Mavik, Cholesterol Pill and Baby Aspirin 81mg.  After a few years of use these medications had the effect of weakening my bones, tendons and ligaments.  My tendons were easily tearing on various parts of my body starting from my left bicep and then my right.  I was prescribed Vitamin D supplementation.  In August 2012 while attending school I was given a series of Vaccinations (Swine Flu, Hepatitis and others) all at the same time.  A few days later I started to feel like passing out at random times, many times while I was driving or working.  My breathing became very difficult.  Soon my swallowing (Peristalsis) was affected to the point that I was told it was arrested in some parts along my GI tract.  Following this I was hospitalized in and out for a month.  I was disoriented most of the time.  I developed what they told me was a severe Autoimmune situation which also led to Severe Anxiety.  Medications of Reglan continued with higher doses but they didn’t realize until a month later that I was allergic to it and it was eating the myelin sheath of my nerves leaving me unable at times to walk/move and at other times shaking with a tick.  The anxiety medication of Zanax along with Reglan led to Depression, Hallucinations, Nausea, Vomiting and Severe Hot/Cold bouts which resulted in them giving me anti-psychotic medication (Citaprol along with Zanax).  I was hospitalized and received nutrition intravenously. I lost about 60 lbs in that period.  Finally, they told me I had to remove my gallbladder because they saw something “not good” and they sent me to Duke Medical to get a check for Cancer.  At that point I had developed such a phobia of hospitals that I refused hospitalizations and medications.  I requested to go home and refused further help as well as medications.  I was very weak, tried to eat but gave up on life.  I was tired and ready to die.

How long before you contacted Fouad? I was referred by friends to Fouad and forced to contact him by phone in October 2012.

What happened after the consultation?After the consultation I honestly thought it was a waste of time, but he seemed trusting for some reason to me.  It probably was mainly because of his conviction and people I actually knew who had problems and were healed with his help.  He told me to consult my doctors to slowly wean off my meds, but I had thrown them all away except for the zanax and depression meds.

How long did it take you to feel better? He promised me in 10 days I would lay flat on my bed without any Acid Reflux (I slept with a lifted bed and acid reflux for over 10 years as it was impossible to do without it and even then I suffered).  On the 11th day after a struggle to walk for 20 minutes I got tired and fell asleep flat on my back for 12 hours.  No Acid Reflux.

How much time now since you’ve been healthy?It took me about 2 years to completely heal because of all the complications I had.  He took me and one thing at a time we healed everything.  A clean slate was given to me after my last medical exam in 2014 by my doctors…….Alive, no diabetes, no hypertension, no acid reflux, bone loss stopped, no depression, no anxiety, full of energy, good sleep, no acid reflux, no cancer (still have my gall bladder)….everything was gone.  The medication reglan did leave its mark with some very small nerve damage but that’s all.  In end of 2014, with much spiritual support from him, I was healthy enough to get married and now have one baby and second one on the way.

Would you recommend others to his services? I recommend everyone with a sickness to try Fouad.  I have already recommended many family members and friends including the closest ones to me.  They are seeing the results themselves.  I really thank him with all my heart.  He is a good guide on the road to healing, a true teacher, a great brother in humanity and a good person.