May 18, 2016

UntitledName:Ghita Grefft Alami

Age :38

Diagnosis: Junkie to Adrenaline, I always had sweaty hands

How long before you contacted me? a few months

What did you try before contacting me? Diets, swimming, dermatologist, yoga….

How was your health situation then? A lot of Anxiety, hungry by the morning, Panic attacks, Fear of Death.

How did you hear about me? My sister in Law

What happened after the consultation? I felt confident; I knew there was another way to handle the stress by walking every day and eating a healthy food (miles of Fish and salads). My hand has stopped sweating. I remember now my dreams when I was young. So I feel lighter happier euphoric and full of positive energy. I am less impulsive and more pragmatic. More important: thanks to Fouad, I am able to manage a lot of stress more efficiently than ever.

How long did it take you to feel better? 6 weeks

How much time now since you’ve been healthy?  10 months

Would you recommend others to my services? A million time YESSSS