May 16, 2016

Your name : Faye Housiadas

Age :34

Diagnosis: Preeclampsia

How long before you contacted me: I had preeclampsia with my first pregnancy that ended with me delivering at 33 weeks. I contacted Fouad before we started trying to get pregnant with our second child to get my body ready for a healthy pregnancy

What did you try before contacting me? I tried watching what I ate and being more active but I didn’t know the right things to eat

How was your health situation then? Not the best. I was overweight and not eating right. He helped me lose close to 40lbs before I got pregnant in just a matter of a couple of months

How did you hear about me? A friend of mine tried Fouad and had great results

What happened after the consultation? After talking with Fouad and discussing my health in depth, I realized truly how unhealthy my lifestyle was and how badly I needed to make adjustments. Fouad knows so much about health, and just what your body needs to fix whatever problems you are having. He was able to tailor a plan specific for me

How long did it take you to feel better?In a matter of days. And the longer I did the diet plan the better I felt. Felt younger, more energetic and over all refreshed

How much time now since you’ve been healthy? I’ve been following Fouad’s diets for over a year. I started having issues with my blood pressure with my second pregnancy and came close to losing the baby. Fouad helped me have a healthy pregnancy and got me to full term this time. I also was able to avoid taking blood pressure medications, and being put on a high risk post-partum unit this time

Would you recommend others to my services? I highly recommend Fouad! He will help you with any health problem that you might be having. He’s a miracle worker